Have fun with the 2006 World Cup


Completely free -- 32 Cards is a gift for all soccer (football) fans!

Based on the Football (Soccer) World Cup in Germany 2006

Very attractive pictures (100+) of all participant countries

Cool old-style maps

Four beautifully designed themed card sets

Literally dozens of different attributes

Truly random shuffling guarantees millions of completely different games

Three different difficulty levels make the game suitable for kids and adults alike

Powerful Super Card feature adds twist to gameplay

Accepts additional card sets


The Details

The game

The game
The objective of the game is to accumulate the maximum points possible. You play against the computer. You (the player) and the computer get 16 cards each. On your turn, you will open your topmost card and choose one from the five available attributes to be disputed. The computer does the same. Values are then compared and two points are awarded to the winner, or one point each in case of a tie. This goes on until the end of the deck of cards.

  Super Card

Super Card
This is a specially marked card that always wins on all attributes unless the opponent has a card from group A (A1, A2, A3 or A4). In this case the attribute is disputed normally.

Difficulty level

Difficulty level
There are three difficulty settings, ranging from easy to hard. On the easiest setting, cards are chosen by the computer in a completely random fashion. In the hardest setting, the computer compares its current card with all remaining cards and selects the attribute that has the highest probability of winning.

Card sets
The game difficulty is also dependent on the attributes existing on the current card set. Typically, sets that have values widely spread between cards will be more difficult than those with highly concentrated values or distinctively "strong" and "weak" cards.

Card sets

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